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        4. TEL : 0575-82052922
          產品推薦 / Our Products

          Refrigerated Quick-freezing Storage

          Refrigerated quick-freezing storehouse is mainly classified as: 1、Preservation Storage: Storage temperature is generally 0℃~5℃. Mainly used for fresh meat, dairy products, fresh eggs, ...

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          企業概況 / Profile

          Shangyu Modern Refrigeration Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in food machinery, refrigeration machinery, vegetable processing machinery, brewing machinery, hot air (baking) equipment, aquatic products processing machinery, refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, etc. The company is a member of China Refrigeration Society and Shanghai Refrigeration and Refrigeration Energy Conservation Association. Founded in the 1990s, the company has more than ten years of production and operation history. At present, the company covers an area of 10,000 square meters, has fixed assets of 30 million yuan, annual sales of 50 million yuan.

          最新資訊 / News
        5. 08-23


        6. 08-23

          【食品機械設備網 行業動態】在食品飲料、面粉、淀粉、藥材、糧食、飼料等加工中時常需要涉及干燥環節。同傳統人工操作干燥相比,雖說專業...[detail]

        7. 08-23

          【食品機械設備網 行業動態】 面食是我國居民的主食之一,而這其中,掛面又因口感好、食用方便、價格低、易于貯存等優勢,占據了面食界的...[detail]

        8. 合作伙伴 / Partner